As this NBA season approaches a near, many people are still convinced the New York Knicks will look to trade their star player, Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony has always been a top player at any level. In high school at Oak Hill, he was a top player, then being recruited to Syracuse University where he lead them to a national championship as a freshman. He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets with the third overall pick in 2003, the same year as LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Carmelo Anthony started his career playing for the Denver Nuggets until he was traded to the New York Knicks. Since being on the Knicks, Carmelo has only been able to see the playoffs once. When he was lucky enough to have NBA great Jason Kidd, as his point guard, he was able to elevate his game and he helped the Knicks finish 2nd overall in the Eastern Conference standings. The Knicks would unfortunately lose to the Indiana Pacers in Game 6. The Knicks haven’t been back to the playoffs since and many people always question why Melo stays around.

Carmelo Anthony has always been the main guy on the Knicks. He’s always been able to score and create any offense he truly desires. He is a former NBA scoring champion. The Knicks front office has not been able to put a team around him to allow them to compete. Carmelo is almost by lonesome sometimes on the court playing basketball because the rest of his teammates aren’t giving it any effort or just not good enough to help. Carmelo Anthony is the All-Star the Knicks needed however he just hasn’t been treated right since being here.

This year fans were excited prior to the start of the season due to the roster moves that bought in some “big names.” Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings, Courtney Lee, and Joakim Noah are all NBA players who have earned their respect and seen their fair share on winning basketball. With Kritaps Porzingis and these new players, everyone was hoping the Knicks would do more with their season.

With all that has been going on surrounding the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony is forever taking the blame. The Knicks did not live up to any expectations and may turned away a lot of fans. Some folks blame the troubles on Anthony for not being more of a leader, or a team player when needed. Phil Jackson publicly voiced his concerns with Carmelo and that definitely took a toll on Melo. Prior to the NBA trade deadline, Carmelo’s name was circulating around the entire NBA. The only thing that stopped Carmelo from getting traded was his no trade clause implemented into his contract back when he resigned for a 5-year $124 million contract. A number of teams was trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony however he has stated on multiple occasions he wants to be in NY.

After the regular season ended, things have gotten worse for Carmelo Anthony. Phil Jackson again spoke out on Melo and his tenure with the Knicks. In Phil Jackson’s postseason media address, he basically stated Carmelo should look elsewhere to win because they haven’t been able to win with him on the floor. Jackson’s comments caused a stir in the media and within the organization. Through it all though, Carmelo Anthony has remained to live by his motto “Stay Me7o.”

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