Following a disappointing season by the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson had to address the media. The New York Knicks struggled as an entire organization. This whole season went left and its nothing new of this organization. Still fans remain loyal to this franchise. The New York Knicks is the NBA’s most valuable franchise even though there hasn’t been much winning going on. This year was nothing new. Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, The Triangle, Derrick Rose injuries, Derrick Rose disappearing for a game without any prior acknowledgement, Joakim Noah’s terrible contract and injuries, Brandon Jennings’s outbursts, and just so much more has tainted the Knicks image this season.

During this interview, Phil Jackson spoke on majority of the problems within the organization. When speaking of Rose, he sort of praised him and spoke well of him. There is no bad feelings between the two parties and Phil understands Rose’s desire to remain a Knick. He also praised rookie Ron Baker who played great basketball. He is smart and tough and Jackson appreciates his will to learn. Still trying to implement the triangle offense, Jackson feels Ron Baker has the ability to run that role. He even spoke well of Chasson Randle.

When speaking of his franchise player, Carmelo Anthony, Jackson didn’t necessarily hold back. He spoke freely about Carmelo Anthony and his comments did not sit well with anyone. Jackson disrespected Anthony by simply stating he should look to play elsewhere because we haven’t been able to win with him on the court. He claimed Melo would be a better fit elsewhere considering where he is at in his career. These comments caused an uproar in the media and people were supporting a claim to have Phil Jackson fired.

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