Prior to the start of the 2016-2017 NBA season, Phil Jackson made some moves to shake up the roster and try to build a team. He traded for Derrick Rose, and Justin Holiday. He then went on by signing Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Jennings. Jackson bought in these players who all posses different attributes and could help the team out.

Derrick Rose, the former MVP, is an elite athlete. He attacks the basket exceptionally well and can get a basket at any time. He isn’t a facilitator though and he needs to be as the floor general. He also lacks a three point shot(currently shooting shortly just under 30%.) This season Derrick Rose showed that he can continue playing basketball at an elite level and he was healthy for majority of the season. He missed a few games here and there but never was it anything major. He also skipped town one game after some controversy surrounding the organization. He struggled with trying to learn the triangle but that concept is completely different from his natural style of play that got him MVP. Despite all the drama surrounding the team, Derrick Rose has made it clear that he wants to return to New York. He ended the season 5 games earlier following a torn meniscus in his left knee.

Justin Holiday came in and played all 82 games this season for the New York Knicks. He is athletic and long with a good 3 point shot. He hasn’t developed much since being in the league but he puts in the work necessary as a role player. He at times took the game over whenever on a hot streak from the 3 point shot. He had no problems guarding whoever he was assigned to. He ended the season against the 76ers scoring a team high with 20 points and helping the team to a win.

For years, Brandon Jennings expressed his desires to play for the New York Knicks. He was a trade target prior to his torn achilles. This summer he was finally presented the offer. He signed a one year $5 million contract to serve as the backup point guard to Derrick Rose. Brandon Jennings was the facilitator of the team. He lead the team assists and was a great asset to help develop Kristaps Porzingis. He came in and was the electrifying energy the Garden needed. From preseason throughout the regular season, Jennings played with his emotions and for majority of his time it was for the better. Jennings would grow frustrated with the losing and the drama surrounding the organization. He requested to be released later singing with the Washington Wizards.

Joakim Noah, a NY native, knew he belonged in New York City playing for the Knicks. The hometown kid who played with Rose in Chicago finally got his opportunity to be the Center for the Knicks. He signed a 4-year $72 million contract. He was supposed to be a veteran leader alongside Carmelo Anthony and he was supposed to be the defender and facilitator needed in the paint. This season Noah didn’t fulfill any of his expectations. He came in dealing with prolonged injuries and not his former self. Unfortunately his contract is not attractive to any other teams as of now and he may he stuck with the Knicks for sometime. One can only hope he improves next season if he returns. He was even suspended for violating the league’s drug policy. He suspension requires him to miss 20 games which he already doing the last four games of the season.

Courtney Lee came in and was the most positive thing to happen to the Knicks. He played his 3-and D role very well and was one of top shooters in the league(percentage wise.) All season long Lee was the professional he needed to be. He didn’t let anything affect his game and when he was benched for two games he came back and reclaimed his position.

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