Carmelo Anthony has yet to waive his no trade clause. As of now, he will remain a New York Knick. The best thing that could happen to Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks would be for the team to sign his best friend Chris Paul. Paul will be a free agent this summer and rumors are circulating that the Lob City (Los Angles Clippers) may be breaking up. The Clippers have struggled to come out of the West and fall short each year. Chris Paul’s best option may be coming to the Eastern Conference to win here. The best fit for Chris Paul would be with the Knicks.

Chris PauL was drafted in 2005 by the New Orleans Hornets with the fourth overall pick. Since his rookie year Chris Paul has been amazing. He won rookie of the year, and is a two time US Olympic gold medalists. He is a 9-time NBA All Star and has led the league in assists and steals a number of times. He played for the Hornets for the first half of his career but has since been playing with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers appeared to be a team to win the Western Conference a number of times since Lob City was formed. Though always a winning team, the level of competition along with the injuries the Clippers face, it is hard for them to ever advance anywhere.

Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony have made it known for years they would love to play with each other. The two developed friendships while in the NBA and they played together in the Olympics and as teammates during All-Star Weekend. They have yet joined forces to win a NBA Championship. This summer Chris Paul has the option to sign with another team and coming to the Knicks may potentially be the biggest NBA news this summer.

The New York Knicks are in desperate need of leadership and a pass first point guard. Chris Paul is all of that and then some. He is also great on the defensive side and arguably the best defensive point guard. CP3 would be the perfect fit for the Knicks. He can help elevate Melo’s game and can contribute to the development of Kristaps Porzingis. Porzginis too needs a pass first point guard to allow him to reach his maximum potential. Chris Paul may or may not be leaving the Los Angles Clippers but if he does, it would be great see CP3 and Me7o finally join forces. Watching them play as a fan would be surreal and even if you aren’t a Knicks fan, the two together along with Porzingis would still have you tuned in watching.

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