This season the New York Knicks finished with a below .500 record at 31-51. With the way things turned out and with the press the Knicks have been receiving, it would be best if they attack all aspects of the organization aggressively this summer. Whether it be trades, free agent signings, or changes within the staff personnel.

The Knicks need to make moves that will be beneficial to the roster personnel wise and financially. Players signing with the Knicks this summer need to be committed before the season starts. The entire roster has to buy into whatever offensive and defensive schemes are put into place.Players must not be looking to sign just for the money. After signing Joakim Noah to a 4-year $72 million contract and he being a complete failure to the organization, the Knicks must make smart but aggressive moves in attempt to fix their roster. If Carmelo Anthony decides to waive his no trade clause, add the Knicks in fact trade him, they must make sure whatever they’re getting in return is worth it. They need to not allow Carmelo go for just anything and demand their roster needs be addressed.

The coaching staff all needs to be on one accord. There needs to be a clear understanding of who is running what part of the team. Last season there was issue of power and who gives out the commands. There has been too many conflicting instances in which personnel is following the coaches’s schemes and times where they listen to Phil Jackson. That caused players to play inconsistently and not know everything they need to know for their plays. The schemes being implemented need to be understood by all front office people before they try to teach their players anything.

This summer everything must be made clear and players must come back willing to give it their all as a team and continue building. The Knicks aren’t expected to win the championship in the next season however an improvement is definitely necessary. Hopefully next season the team can get back on the right track, under the right schemes, with the right players. Knicks fan are deserving of a good team and a franchise that consecutively have winning seasons.

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