Born in the Bronx, NY and later relocating to Florida to play basketball at IMG Academy, one of the nation’s best programs. Coming out of high school, Jonathan Issac was ranked No.12 in ESPN 100 for the class of 2016.Issac was recruited by powerhouses Kentucky, and Louisville, but ended his recruiting early by committing to Florida State, staying close to family.

Jonathan Issac is now being ranked as a lottery draft pick and he’s capable of being drafted anywhere as early as No.4 and as late as pick No.10. Some scouts have evaluated him and claim he has the potential to be a better player than Brandon Ingram. Both have been compared to NBA All-Star Kevin Durant. Some scouts prefer Issac over Ingram and it would be interesting to see how he plays during his first NBA season.

While at Florida State, Issac averaged 12.0 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game.His best game came against Notre Dame where he scored a season high 23 points, 10 rebounds, and an amazing 7 blocks. His size and athleticism allows him to take over at moments on the floor and he’s able to move with and without the ball. On defense, he’s quick and long therefore making it hard for his opponent to go around him, and if they shoot, he’s tall enough to easily contest every shot. Standing at 6 foot 10 inches with a wingspan long enough to make him above 7feet tall, Issac is a raw prospect who could help any team and develop to be a NBA great if he puts all the effort in and could avoid injury.

Issac could potentially be a future star for the Knicks. His stature isn’t one of an average forward therefore he’s a high risk player but he can truly become one of the best. He can develop to be an unstoppable player and of course the Knicks could use a player like him. Issac alongside Porzingis could be two dominating basketball players who could develop together and grow to be the faces of the franchise. It would be interesting to see if the Knicks draft a point guard or if they do go with who scouts believe may have a really high ceiling.

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