The New York Knicks obviously need to make some sort of changes to improve their roster. They are currently sitting in 12th place of the Eastern Conference and playoffs are out of the picture for them. In order to better their chances at a top pick in this upcoming draft, they must tank. Tanking occurs when a team knows and accepts the fact they’re out of the playoffs race and decide to secure a top lottery pick. The Knicks are doing just so. With the cap space increasing again this summer, the Knicks will have some money to make a few good moves.

Next season the Knicks should look to having a better roster after their summer moves. If the Knicks do not resign Derrick Rose, they have plus $20 Million to spend via free agency. That money can be used to fill the void at PG and increase their depth at other positions.

The 2017 draft class is filled with some great starters and key reserves. Players like Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka, Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague and many other key players will all be free agents this summer and the Knicks should make a move at as many of these players as possible.

The Knicks need help at a number of positions. If they can manage to successfully bring in free agents to NY and draft right, they may have a roster capable of making the playoffs net year. This season hasn’t been anything fans hoped for and its now the Knicks fourth consecutive losing season. Fans have no choice but to continue to believe the Knicks will make the right moves this summer regarding free agency and pray for a better season next year.

It would be interesting to see which players can actually commit to the Knicks and the their triangle offense scheme. Many players have publicly made it known that they aren’t fans of the system. Jeff Teague of the Indiana Pacers actually said it makes it easier to contain Derrick Rose while the Knicks run the triangle. The system can easily be breached so the Knicks need ti either focus on players this summer who’ve played in the triangle before or anyone who’s willing to commit and work at their greatest effort to learn the triangle.

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