The NBA’s most valuable franchise, The New York Knicks are currently in a season filled with events. Nothing new for the franchise and almost reality tv worthy! Each season, the Knicks look to add new players and get rid of some of the old. Prior to the start of this 2016-2017 season, The New York Knicks traded away Jose, Calderon, Jerian Grant, and Robin Lopez to the Chicago Bulls for Justin Holiday, and Derrick Rose, a former NBA MVP, and Rookie of the Year Award winner. They later went on to pursue Rose’s teammate via free agency, Joakim Noah, a NY native. They also added Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings. The new additions to the Knicks roster had many fans excited and even some felt like this may be the year for the Knicks to make a statement. Prior to December, the Knicks were winning and perhaps looking to lock in the standings for a playoff spot. However, they have since ran into a series of unfortunate events. From injures, to trade rumors, Derrick Rose disappearing for a game, front office conflicts, media, and losing a majority of their recent games, it is now a struggle to get back into the winning column. Though the Knicks added so many new and valuable players, it still seems to be the same old Knicks. They have yet found the key to success and who knows how this season will end. As a fan, all you could hope for is that the “New Knicks” find a way to separate themselves from the “Old Knicks.”

4 thoughts on “New Knicks, Old Knicks

  1. You did really good at transitioning between different stages of the Knicks career. Your flow was great. You included a lot of detailed information about their trades, media coverage, players, etc. that gives readers, even those who don’t know who the Knicks are, for example, a good idea on who the team is.
    I like this!! 🙂

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