Hope for the future

The 2017-2018 NBA season doesn’t start for another six months but before that happens, a lot has to change in New York with the Knicks. Roster moves, front office moves, media addresses are all things that need to occur. The Knicks finished their 2016-2017 season in turmoil once again but this time it was the least expected. At the beginning of the season things were looking very bright for the Knicks but all season long things fell out of place and eventually there was no improving.

The first thing that needs to be handled this summer is Carmelo Anthony and his value to the franchise. Carmelo Anthony wants to be in New York. He wants to play for New York and he wants a team that is built to win surrounding him. He honestly deserves it and it’s about time he gets what he deserves. He is the star player of this team and he proved so. With him on the court the team both scores more and logs in more wins. He however can not carry a team alone for 82 games. It takes an entire roster and organization to be willing to commit and work towards the common goal, being an NBA Championship. All of the drama surrounding Melo needs to be addressed and handled prior to the start of the next season.

Kristaps Porzingis needs to spend more time developing his game and putting on more weight and muscle. By doing so, he can eventually permanently play the Center position and dominate because of his crafty offensive skill set. He is still fairly new to the league and entering his third season next year he should be exciting to watch and should be starting to look like the face of the franchise.

The Knicks then have to have a great summer via the NBA Draft and Free Agency. The team already has some of the pieces needed to win and it is time the remainder gets added. With a top draft pick, the Knicks add a young franchise player who for now will be filling in a role.In a few years though, this player could possibly be a perennial All-Star. Through free agency they add depth and possibly some veteran leadership. All of these are needed to build a winning team and the Knicks do not have to trade Carmelo Anthony to do so.

If the front office properly handles things this offseason, then there is hope for the future. The Knicks could possibly be one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA and once they start winning, the fans will come even more. Already named NBA’s most valuable franchise, if the Knicks were to start winning, the Knicks could possibly be set for years to come. The Knicks legacy could be as great as the Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtics. With only two championships currently, the Knicks sit far behind those teams but nothing is impossible and I look forward to growing as Knicks fan and seeing improvements in the near future.

Realistic free agent targets for 2k17

Given all that the City of New York has to offer, it would seem reasonable that NBA players would all decide to play here if ever given the opportunity throughout their careers. The New York Knicks, with a legacy so rich, has never been the destination for NBA free agents. Players are either dissatisfied with the current Knicks’ situation or they feel like playing in the Big Apple would be too much to handle. Year after year, the Knicks make it known they would like to target a key free agent.

Being the franchise with a name as big as the Knicks, NBA free agents will meet with Knicks, and even play around with the fans and still decide to sign elsewhere. It’s happened a number of times. In 2010, LeBron James was a free agent during the summer and he met with the New York Knicks. He later went on saying “I’m in an Empire State of Mind,” the media and entire city of New York went crazy when the Daily News had an image of LeBron James in a Knicks uniform with that quote. It was clearly just for attention as he would later sign with the Miami Heat. NBA players toy with fans too often and the Knicks never end up signing any big name free agents.

This summer, there will be plenty of great players available and the Knicks desperately need to sign players who will be a good fit for the team and not demand too much money. Needing help at various positions, it is unlikely the Knicks try to target a player such as Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, or Blake Griffin. These are players who once signed, there will be no more cap space to pursue anyone else. The Knicks have enough for a max player but that only comes with the departure of a few contracts we have on the books right now. Joakim Noah’s 4-year $72 million contract is currently the biggest liability on hands and it seems as if the Knicks will be forced to hold on to this contract as Noah’s contract value and play aren’t appealing to any suitors at the moment.

The Knicks do have the money and draft picks however to build a team this summer that would help them get better. Free agents such as George Hill, Jeff Teague, Shaun Livingston, Rudy Gay, Patty Mills, Danilo Gallinari, and Jrue Holiday(brother Justin currently on Knicks) all deserve to be looked at by the Knicks as they would be a great asset with a valuable contract. Each player would be able to contribute in their own ways which have been successful elsewhere. Danilo Gallinari would be one of the most exiting signings because he used to be a member of the Knicks prior to being traded for Carmelo Anthony. If he makes his way back to New York, look for him to be a fan favorite sometime soon.

“Stay Me70”

As this NBA season approaches a near, many people are still convinced the New York Knicks will look to trade their star player, Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony has always been a top player at any level. In high school at Oak Hill, he was a top player, then being recruited to Syracuse University where he lead them to a national championship as a freshman. He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets with the third overall pick in 2003, the same year as LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Carmelo Anthony started his career playing for the Denver Nuggets until he was traded to the New York Knicks. Since being on the Knicks, Carmelo has only been able to see the playoffs once. When he was lucky enough to have NBA great Jason Kidd, as his point guard, he was able to elevate his game and he helped the Knicks finish 2nd overall in the Eastern Conference standings. The Knicks would unfortunately lose to the Indiana Pacers in Game 6. The Knicks haven’t been back to the playoffs since and many people always question why Melo stays around.

Carmelo Anthony has always been the main guy on the Knicks. He’s always been able to score and create any offense he truly desires. He is a former NBA scoring champion. The Knicks front office has not been able to put a team around him to allow them to compete. Carmelo is almost by lonesome sometimes on the court playing basketball because the rest of his teammates aren’t giving it any effort or just not good enough to help. Carmelo Anthony is the All-Star the Knicks needed however he just hasn’t been treated right since being here.

This year fans were excited prior to the start of the season due to the roster moves that bought in some “big names.” Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings, Courtney Lee, and Joakim Noah are all NBA players who have earned their respect and seen their fair share on winning basketball. With Kritaps Porzingis and these new players, everyone was hoping the Knicks would do more with their season.

With all that has been going on surrounding the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony is forever taking the blame. The Knicks did not live up to any expectations and may turned away a lot of fans. Some folks blame the troubles on Anthony for not being more of a leader, or a team player when needed. Phil Jackson publicly voiced his concerns with Carmelo and that definitely took a toll on Melo. Prior to the NBA trade deadline, Carmelo’s name was circulating around the entire NBA. The only thing that stopped Carmelo from getting traded was his no trade clause implemented into his contract back when he resigned for a 5-year $124 million contract. A number of teams was trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony however he has stated on multiple occasions he wants to be in NY.

After the regular season ended, things have gotten worse for Carmelo Anthony. Phil Jackson again spoke out on Melo and his tenure with the Knicks. In Phil Jackson’s postseason media address, he basically stated Carmelo should look elsewhere to win because they haven’t been able to win with him on the floor. Jackson’s comments caused a stir in the media and within the organization. Through it all though, Carmelo Anthony has remained to live by his motto “Stay Me7o.”

Aggressive approach to summer

This season the New York Knicks finished with a below .500 record at 31-51. With the way things turned out and with the press the Knicks have been receiving, it would be best if they attack all aspects of the organization aggressively this summer. Whether it be trades, free agent signings, or changes within the staff personnel.

The Knicks need to make moves that will be beneficial to the roster personnel wise and financially. Players signing with the Knicks this summer need to be committed before the season starts. The entire roster has to buy into whatever offensive and defensive schemes are put into place.Players must not be looking to sign just for the money. After signing Joakim Noah to a 4-year $72 million contract and he being a complete failure to the organization, the Knicks must make smart but aggressive moves in attempt to fix their roster. If Carmelo Anthony decides to waive his no trade clause, add the Knicks in fact trade him, they must make sure whatever they’re getting in return is worth it. They need to not allow Carmelo go for just anything and demand their roster needs be addressed.

The coaching staff all needs to be on one accord. There needs to be a clear understanding of who is running what part of the team. Last season there was issue of power and who gives out the commands. There has been too many conflicting instances in which personnel is following the coaches’s schemes and times where they listen to Phil Jackson. That caused players to play inconsistently and not know everything they need to know for their plays. The schemes being implemented need to be understood by all front office people before they try to teach their players anything.

This summer everything must be made clear and players must come back willing to give it their all as a team and continue building. The Knicks aren’t expected to win the championship in the next season however an improvement is definitely necessary. Hopefully next season the team can get back on the right track, under the right schemes, with the right players. Knicks fan are deserving of a good team and a franchise that consecutively have winning seasons.

Porzinigs finishes sophomore season

Kristaps Porzingis entered his 2nd NBA season with almost a whole new roster and a new head coach. He finished is rookie year averaging 14.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.9 blocks per game. He just missed the top 5 in blocks per game as a rookie. His second season, he averaged 18.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 2.0 blocks per game. He improved in a couple of categories but still didn’t take off as he was expected.

During the season Kristaps spoke to media stating he felt as the team wasn’t playing for each other. With Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings playing for new contracts, this claim is believable. With Carmelo Anthony being the iso player he is, the claim again seems believable. Kristaps experienced troubles he didn’t his rookie year and it was hard for the Knicks to find and stay in their groove. Kristaps didn’t perform at the levels everyone expected but he was not a a disappointment.

His best game came in a win against Detroit in November where he scored a career high 35 points, followed by 7 rebounds and 3 assists. He went on to score over 30 once more in a game against Phoenix. Fans want to see Porzingis take control more and become the Knicks first option. If he has the ability to score on that level and rebound well, the Knicks have a franchise player locked in for years. Porzingis also went on to participate in All-Star Weekend during the Skills Challenge and finished in first. He has a bright future ahead and he’s willing to commit to the Knicks. The team should be built around him without having to completely tear apart the team.

Kristaps needs a point guard who will be a facilitator and set him up for shots. Whether it be through the pick and roll or by calling plays set to have him score. At the end of the season, Kristaps made it known he will be leaving New York for some time to return to his hometown Lativa. The issues within the organization is just too much for him at the time and he felt a break was needed. He assured all fans and media that he wants to remain in New York. He loves being a Knick.

A look at potential Knickerbocker: Jonathan Issac

Born in the Bronx, NY and later relocating to Florida to play basketball at IMG Academy, one of the nation’s best programs. Coming out of high school, Jonathan Issac was ranked No.12 in ESPN 100 for the class of 2016.Issac was recruited by powerhouses Kentucky, and Louisville, but ended his recruiting early by committing to Florida State, staying close to family.

Jonathan Issac is now being ranked as a lottery draft pick and he’s capable of being drafted anywhere as early as No.4 and as late as pick No.10. Some scouts have evaluated him and claim he has the potential to be a better player than Brandon Ingram. Both have been compared to NBA All-Star Kevin Durant. Some scouts prefer Issac over Ingram and it would be interesting to see how he plays during his first NBA season.

While at Florida State, Issac averaged 12.0 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game.His best game came against Notre Dame where he scored a season high 23 points, 10 rebounds, and an amazing 7 blocks. His size and athleticism allows him to take over at moments on the floor and he’s able to move with and without the ball. On defense, he’s quick and long therefore making it hard for his opponent to go around him, and if they shoot, he’s tall enough to easily contest every shot. Standing at 6 foot 10 inches with a wingspan long enough to make him above 7feet tall, Issac is a raw prospect who could help any team and develop to be a NBA great if he puts all the effort in and could avoid injury.

Issac could potentially be a future star for the Knicks. His stature isn’t one of an average forward therefore he’s a high risk player but he can truly become one of the best. He can develop to be an unstoppable player and of course the Knicks could use a player like him. Issac alongside Porzingis could be two dominating basketball players who could develop together and grow to be the faces of the franchise. It would be interesting to see if the Knicks draft a point guard or if they do go with who scouts believe may have a really high ceiling.

Knicks projected to land #7 Draft Pick

The Knicks expressed their interest in Josh Jackson and stated that he would be drafted regardless if their are point guards on the board or not. That doesn’t seem likely now. Following a coin toss as a tie breaker between the Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves, the Knicks have been projected to land the #7 draft pick. The top three players selected are likely to be Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, and Lonzo Ball. From the fourth pick on out, everyone is honestly up for grabs. Jayson Tatum, Malik Monk, De’Aaron Fox, Dennis Smith Jr, Jonathan Issac, Lauri Markkanen and even Frank Ntilinka may all be selected with the number four pick or they may fall as low as ten. With the Knicks selecting 7th, they have a number of options.

The team needs a PG, but there are some players who aren’t point guards but may be the better player to take. All of these college players could help the Knicks in a number of ways. Some have a higher ceiling than others but may have been outperformed by another while in college. All of this is conflicting when you want to draft the best player. Johnathan Issac is an example of a player whose ceiling is extremely high. He has amazing length, can score and a defensive force. In college he played for Florida State so he didn’t get a chance to be as active on the court as a freshman. His ceiling however is higher than other draft prospects but he may be available at 7 and definitely should be looked at by the New York Knicks.

This is the Knicks first lottery pick since Kristaps Porzingis. The team will have two young players to build around and have a team for the future. I believe with a combo of vets and these young players can allow the Knicks to be good for a long time. As a fan, it would be life changing to experience a winning franchise. Seeing the Knicks make back to back championship games and having multiple all stars is a feeling all fans want to feel. The Knicks also have their first round picks for upcoming years as well. The team is only bound to get better. Fans will soon be watching a different level of play from this team soon.

“CP3” and “Me7o”

Carmelo Anthony has yet to waive his no trade clause. As of now, he will remain a New York Knick. The best thing that could happen to Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks would be for the team to sign his best friend Chris Paul. Paul will be a free agent this summer and rumors are circulating that the Lob City (Los Angles Clippers) may be breaking up. The Clippers have struggled to come out of the West and fall short each year. Chris Paul’s best option may be coming to the Eastern Conference to win here. The best fit for Chris Paul would be with the Knicks.

Chris PauL was drafted in 2005 by the New Orleans Hornets with the fourth overall pick. Since his rookie year Chris Paul has been amazing. He won rookie of the year, and is a two time US Olympic gold medalists. He is a 9-time NBA All Star and has led the league in assists and steals a number of times. He played for the Hornets for the first half of his career but has since been playing with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers appeared to be a team to win the Western Conference a number of times since Lob City was formed. Though always a winning team, the level of competition along with the injuries the Clippers face, it is hard for them to ever advance anywhere.

Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony have made it known for years they would love to play with each other. The two developed friendships while in the NBA and they played together in the Olympics and as teammates during All-Star Weekend. They have yet joined forces to win a NBA Championship. This summer Chris Paul has the option to sign with another team and coming to the Knicks may potentially be the biggest NBA news this summer.

The New York Knicks are in desperate need of leadership and a pass first point guard. Chris Paul is all of that and then some. He is also great on the defensive side and arguably the best defensive point guard. CP3 would be the perfect fit for the Knicks. He can help elevate Melo’s game and can contribute to the development of Kristaps Porzingis. Porzginis too needs a pass first point guard to allow him to reach his maximum potential. Chris Paul may or may not be leaving the Los Angles Clippers but if he does, it would be great see CP3 and Me7o finally join forces. Watching them play as a fan would be surreal and even if you aren’t a Knicks fan, the two together along with Porzingis would still have you tuned in watching.

Phil Jackson’s postseason media address review

Following a disappointing season by the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson had to address the media. The New York Knicks struggled as an entire organization. This whole season went left and its nothing new of this organization. Still fans remain loyal to this franchise. The New York Knicks is the NBA’s most valuable franchise even though there hasn’t been much winning going on. This year was nothing new. Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, The Triangle, Derrick Rose injuries, Derrick Rose disappearing for a game without any prior acknowledgement, Joakim Noah’s terrible contract and injuries, Brandon Jennings’s outbursts, and just so much more has tainted the Knicks image this season.

During this interview, Phil Jackson spoke on majority of the problems within the organization. When speaking of Rose, he sort of praised him and spoke well of him. There is no bad feelings between the two parties and Phil understands Rose’s desire to remain a Knick. He also praised rookie Ron Baker who played great basketball. He is smart and tough and Jackson appreciates his will to learn. Still trying to implement the triangle offense, Jackson feels Ron Baker has the ability to run that role. He even spoke well of Chasson Randle.

When speaking of his franchise player, Carmelo Anthony, Jackson didn’t necessarily hold back. He spoke freely about Carmelo Anthony and his comments did not sit well with anyone. Jackson disrespected Anthony by simply stating he should look to play elsewhere because we haven’t been able to win with him on the court. He claimed Melo would be a better fit elsewhere considering where he is at in his career. These comments caused an uproar in the media and people were supporting a claim to have Phil Jackson fired.

Evaluating the new additions

Prior to the start of the 2016-2017 NBA season, Phil Jackson made some moves to shake up the roster and try to build a team. He traded for Derrick Rose, and Justin Holiday. He then went on by signing Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Jennings. Jackson bought in these players who all posses different attributes and could help the team out.

Derrick Rose, the former MVP, is an elite athlete. He attacks the basket exceptionally well and can get a basket at any time. He isn’t a facilitator though and he needs to be as the floor general. He also lacks a three point shot(currently shooting shortly just under 30%.) This season Derrick Rose showed that he can continue playing basketball at an elite level and he was healthy for majority of the season. He missed a few games here and there but never was it anything major. He also skipped town one game after some controversy surrounding the organization. He struggled with trying to learn the triangle but that concept is completely different from his natural style of play that got him MVP. Despite all the drama surrounding the team, Derrick Rose has made it clear that he wants to return to New York. He ended the season 5 games earlier following a torn meniscus in his left knee.

Justin Holiday came in and played all 82 games this season for the New York Knicks. He is athletic and long with a good 3 point shot. He hasn’t developed much since being in the league but he puts in the work necessary as a role player. He at times took the game over whenever on a hot streak from the 3 point shot. He had no problems guarding whoever he was assigned to. He ended the season against the 76ers scoring a team high with 20 points and helping the team to a win.

For years, Brandon Jennings expressed his desires to play for the New York Knicks. He was a trade target prior to his torn achilles. This summer he was finally presented the offer. He signed a one year $5 million contract to serve as the backup point guard to Derrick Rose. Brandon Jennings was the facilitator of the team. He lead the team assists and was a great asset to help develop Kristaps Porzingis. He came in and was the electrifying energy the Garden needed. From preseason throughout the regular season, Jennings played with his emotions and for majority of his time it was for the better. Jennings would grow frustrated with the losing and the drama surrounding the organization. He requested to be released later singing with the Washington Wizards.

Joakim Noah, a NY native, knew he belonged in New York City playing for the Knicks. The hometown kid who played with Rose in Chicago finally got his opportunity to be the Center for the Knicks. He signed a 4-year $72 million contract. He was supposed to be a veteran leader alongside Carmelo Anthony and he was supposed to be the defender and facilitator needed in the paint. This season Noah didn’t fulfill any of his expectations. He came in dealing with prolonged injuries and not his former self. Unfortunately his contract is not attractive to any other teams as of now and he may he stuck with the Knicks for sometime. One can only hope he improves next season if he returns. He was even suspended for violating the league’s drug policy. He suspension requires him to miss 20 games which he already doing the last four games of the season.

Courtney Lee came in and was the most positive thing to happen to the Knicks. He played his 3-and D role very well and was one of top shooters in the league(percentage wise.) All season long Lee was the professional he needed to be. He didn’t let anything affect his game and when he was benched for two games he came back and reclaimed his position.